13 Nov

Many jewelry wholesalers have specialized in the retailing of the body and piercing jewelry.   Piercing industries and the tattooing studios main supplier is the body jewelry wholesalers.  Body jewelry wholesalers therefore barely supply to single persons or the public.  The supply of the jewelry to these studios is mainly done in bulk or in large quantities unlike when the practice is done to individuals because they commonly purchase single items.  Additionally, the wholesalers supply to jewelry shops and also market stalls who have an aim to carry out large sales.

The International Silver wholesalers usually deal with a wide range of piercing commodities that are made from various materials such as gold, silver, steel and titanium.   Safety and precaution is one of the main characteristics ensured by the wholesalers.  This is done through ensuring the manufacture of the products is done absolutely in clear circumstances and that the items are well sterilized in order to remove any microorganisms like germs and viruses. 

 There is a wide range of products to choose from when buying from an established wholesaler.   The buyer is able to choose from the variety according to their needs and requirements.  The other advantage of buying from a wholesaler especially for the retailers is that there is quantity discount because the products are sold in bulk.   Buying from a wholesaler is very cheap and affordable compared to when one is buying from a retailer but that is only possible when one is buying in large quantities.   Wholesale of these products is a licensed practice. View here for more info about body jewelry.

 Steel and titanium are some of the materials that are mainly used to manufacture tongue rings.   Under the tongue rings there are also tongue retainers and bars.   Nose rings are another common type of jewelry that is under sale in many body jewelry wholesale shops.   Nose rings consist of other sub-products such as nose screws, nose bones, nose pins and hoops.   Navel bars, lip piercing jewelry, belly rings, eyebrow bars and rings and nipple jewelry are other common forms of jewelry sold in the wholesale shops.    One is able to choose from any of these products depending on the materials used to make them and other factors such as the customer requirement and also the affordability of the material.  Such include the gold and stainless steel.   Despite many products being made up of materials like gold and silver, their prices are considerable and they also match the quality of the product.

 Some of the most successful jewelry dealers include the International Silver.  The shipping costs of such wholesalers like the International service are affordable and that has led to a large market base of their customers.    Many wholesalers also offer awareness on how to handle to their products and especially to the tattooing products. Read more about jewelry at https://www.huffpost.com/entry/jewelry-organization_n_569fb77fe4b0a7026bf9c928.

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